“Takavar” – Mobile game

May 5, 2018



Players have to attack to heart of terrorists and destroy all of them. A side scroller action shooting game including horror devil boss fight and puzzle parts in 25 levels.
There is Boss fights at the end of each 3 levels.
Player use heavy guns and swords to kill enemies in each level.

استودیوگونای,کیوان ملک محمدی,تکاور,gunaystudio,takavar,keyvanmalekmohammadi



سلاحهای بازی تکاور
weapons of the Takavar


Game’s key features:

_All graphics/Characters/Environments use 3D graphics
_Reduction the size of the game from 300 MB to 30 MB by specific methods
_25 levels
_Hardcore Boss Fights
_Various and powerful weapons and clothes
_3D Graphics
an action shooter
_Compatible with all mobile devices


بازی تکاور، گونای استودیو، کیوان ملک محمدی
“Takavar” – Mobile game, Gunay Studio, Keyvan Malekmohamadi


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