Mobile game ‘khak’

May 29, 2017

The ‘khah‘ is a game that is produced by Gunay studio and it is directed by Keyvan Malekmohamadi.

The game is available now in some markets for free.

بازی ایرانی خاک - اندروید - مبارزه - گونای کیوان ملک محمدی
the Khah_mobile game – android – fighting – Gunay Keyvan Malekmohamadi

The ‘khah‘ tells the story of two friends who escaping from terrorists. A case, that fighting with a mass of enemies is the key of freedom. During the story going on, a particular situation appears that escaping from enemies, loses its importance.

Main (key) features of the game:

varied game plays (shooting/ fighting/ driving/ secretiveness/…)

Cinematic real time cuts inside of the game

Highly optimized for all devices

Small file size and play offline (37 MB)

Professionally voice acted by TV voice actors

بازی جنگی خاک - بازی اندرویدی خاک
android game ‘Khak’ – download – Keyvan Malekmohamadi – Gunay

Download the Khak

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