Gunay Studio Character ShowCase
نمونه کارهای استودیو گونای در سال 2020
Gunay Studio Animation/Game ShowReel 2020
Over the past year, despite the problems caused by the
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تیزر انیمیشنی تبلیغاتی پکیج اسباب بازی مایلر
Meiller toy package animated teaser
The advertising teaser of Meiller toy package, with special character
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تیزر انیمیشنی تبلیغاتی پکیج اسباب بازی سفالی
Animated teaser of pottery toy package
Pottery toy package animated teaser, with special character design and
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تیزر تبلیغاتی تلفیقی انیمیشن و ویدئوی اسمارت
Combined animation and video advertising teaser for Smart Market
In this teaser which is ordered by Smart Market, cinematic
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تیزر تبلیغاتی، استودیو گونای
Setare Sho counseling and entrance exam preparation classes introduction advertising teaser
This teaser by the order of Engineer Amir Shajiei from
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طراحی شخصیت, کیوان ملک محمدی, استودیو گونای, gunay studio, keyvan malekmohammadi
Concept Art and Character Design of Game
Concept art and character design of a cross-platform game for
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3D with 2d style
Short story animation production
short story animation called “A Goodbye”, by using 3D techniques
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تولید تیزر تبلیغاتی انیمیشنی
Animated advertising teaser
Character design and animated teaser production for Smart Hypermarket  
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تیزر تبلیغاتی انیمیشنی
Animated advertising clip
In this project, which is order by Elsa toys package
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کتاب چند رسانه ای کودکانه سانای و سهند
Sahand & Sanay kids story book
Multimedia storybooks for kids under 5, with educational stories, in
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