انیمیشن دو بعدی تبلیغاتی
2D Commercial Animation
2D Commercial Animation This commercial teaser that ordered by an
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The character of Emperor brand
The 3D commercial character of Emperor brand
production of Emperor brand’s 3D character by Gunay studio
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موشن گرافیک, تیزر تبلیغاتی, انیمیشن
Commerical motion graphic
Commercial motion graphic produced by Gunay animation studio. ordered by
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شرکت تولید انیمیشن ایرانی
Commercial Animation_Voodoo Magic Boy
The production of 40 second commercial 3D animation for MagicToysPack
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سرور و تاج سر - Sarvar Tajesar - استودیو گونای - Gunay Studio - کیوان ملک محمدی - Keyvan MalekMohamadi
‘SarvarKhan’ and ‘Tajesar’ – Animation and game series
‘Sarvar’ and ‘Tajesar’ characters have already left the primary steps
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kipri, game , android, gunay, keyvan malek, کیپری, بازی, موبایل, اندروید, گونای, کیوان ملک محمدی
“Kipri” – 3D puzzle game for mobile
Kipri, Android Puzzle Game… Team lead and Director: Keyvan MalekMohamadi
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My Earth vs Aliens
Animation Movie | Time: 110 minutes | Director: Keyvan MalekMohamadi
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Two Neighbors – TV animation series
Animation Series | Time: 91 minutes (13 x 7″) |
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Me In Darkness
Visual Effects: Me In Darkness | Director: Keyvan MalekMohamadi |
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