Sahand & Sanay kids story book

March 16, 2020

Multimedia storybooks for kids under 5, with educational stories, in simple terms with visual and audio narration and Sanay_Sahand childlike characters published by Studio Gunay.
The books includes English/turkish(Azeri)/Farsi (and Arabic soon).

Key features:

_ Five illustrated stories with audio narration
_ Applicable for children under 5 years
_ Enhanced interface for user-friendly and child-friendly touch
_ Smooth and understandable graphics and space for children
_ Completely Free (Some sections of the book are activated by following social medias)


Download Sahand & Sanay Kids story from Google Play


English kids story – Sahand and Animals


English kids story – Sahand and Daddy


English kids story – Sanay and Mom


English kids story – Sanay and Prayer


English kids story – Sahand and Sanay


_Sahand & Sanay Persian kids story book

_Sahand & Sanay Arabic kids story book

_Sahand & Sanay Turkish (Azeri) kids story book


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