Architectural interactive demo

February 18, 2021

What is Architectural Interactive Demo?

It is an interactive and live app to display 3D models and spaces to customers. This software can be launch in three platforms: as mobile application for smartphones, as PC software or can be placed online on websites.


Architectural interactive demo
Architectural interactive demo


What features does this software give us?

The user can rotate the environment and buildings to watch it from different angles and distances in the form of bird eye view. The user can also view and move in environment as a person in that space. It is also possible to interact with the 3D environment such as opening/ closing the doors or the windows, turning the lights on and off, changing the day and night or sunset mode, or making any other required changes in the environment for the user.

In this section, other facilities can also be installed, such as:

  • Write the names of different areas of the 3D environment

  • Display the text description of each section when the user enters that space

  • Ability to provide audio explanations. For example, an audio that explains descriptions when user enters any room, hall, or other area.

  • Ability to locate a 3D human model in the role of environmental guide that provides the required explanations of each section in text or audio.

  • Or any other custom-built facilities that you are thought-out for each section.



Architectural interactive demo
Architectural interactive demo


How is the production process?

If the 3D models of the environment are pre-designed and do not need to be by our team, we will get the files and apply and adjust them on the software and prepare them to use in an interactive environment.  If the three-dimensional model of the spaces is not pre-designed, our team has the possibility of designing and modeling the spaces. So in addition to providing high quality photos and videos of the spaces, it will also be used to be applied on our architectural interactive software.

In addition to 3D models of spaces, all the information of the additional facilities that are ordered by the audiences are receiving by our team and then the software preparation process begins to be launched in a short time.



Time required to create an interactive environment software:

After designing three-dimensional spaces (or if it has been pre-designed by the customer), the production of interactive software environment, depending on the facilities, scale and size of the environment can be done in a period of one week to twenty days.


Architectural interactive demo
Architectural interactive demo


How about your Logo and brand?

Normally, our logo as the software developer and your logo as the designer and project manager will be inserted in the software. If your team wants the order to include just your own logo, with a slight changes in the cost of the project, our team is able to provide the software as a product that only covers your brand.


How is our price plan and production costs?

We believe that your team is, not the customer, but as our partner in creating value added for customers. So increasing your credits and incomes will synergistically lead to our team’s success. Accordingly, we have always tried to set the most proper pricing and focus on improving the quality of the project first of all. So do not worry about prices and stay in touch with us.




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