Project management app- PlanyDo

November 12, 2018

An integrated PlanyDo project management system is being developed. This system has collected the advantages of most of the global project management systems in one app and by adding useful tools for more efficiency, will help the production teams.


Key features of this application:

  •  Create and manage teams
  • Definition of human resources skills
  • Various responsibilities including admin, project manager, human resources, staff, customer
  • Define the project in a list of tasks
  • Create a Gantt chart automatically according to the requirements of each task
  • Create a continuous Gantt chart of all ongoing projects and allocate time to each task from each project for each team.
  • View the daily activity list of each person on the mobile application
  • Available on three platforms: web/ Android / iOS
  • The ability to monitor the progress of work by the client of each project



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