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November 12, 2018

PlanyDo uses AI(artificial intelligence) for mixing personnel skills and working times with multiple projects considering required tasks and Generates best solution/gantt-chart/ToDo List to finish Projects in its best way.

This online project management tool was originally designed by Keyvan MalekMohammadi, the founder and CEO of Gunay Studio, for internally use in this studio. Later on, due to improving the power of this software, Gunay Studio decided to release the software publicly to be used by other teams.

Key Features of PlanyDo:

_Classification of projects or tasks
_Planning several parallel projects
_ Ensure delivery time of each project
_make an automated Gantt Chart for each project and a total Gantt Chart of Tasks in the studio
– Ability to predict the change of project process and delivery time due to adding or decreasing personnel
_Providing new planning with change in project process (delay or change in project conditions)
_Ability to create checklists and comment on each task by members
_Different Access Levels (Human Resource, Management, Marketing, etc)
_Provide daily tasks list to each person and ability to report progress
_Easy access via Android app
_Ability to add a client or project supervisor to monitor the percentage of project progress when completed and the current status of the Gantt chart.
_Ability to calculate personnel efficiency
_Solar and AD date
_Farsi / English / Turkish language

PlanyDo’s Website

PlanyDo’s smart algorithm by considering the skills of team members or individual members, their speed, working dates and times,members off days, prerequisites of each task, priorities for each project or task and their delivery time, start or delay time of tasks and etc, Provides the best possible project and tasks planning for team members. For ease of access to its features, its Android software has been developed and released.

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