‘SarvarKhan’ and ‘Tajesar’ – Animation and game series

January 28, 2018

Sarvar Khan who is born in Gunay Studio in 1996, have an attractive personality for all ages and styles. This character have been created by Keyvan Malek Mohammadi. During this time, a different productions of this character, including short animation teasers, stickers, advertising teasers with the role of Sarvarkhan, posters and mobile games, has been produced and appreciated by the audience..

تبریک سال نو، تبریک عید، سرورخان
Happy new year, New Year, sarvar khan
Telegram Stickers download link:
Donwload Server Khan’s Telegram Sticker


According the the potentials of this character and considering the experiences of Gunay studio in producing various animations and the ability of our team to produce the projects by minimizing the production costs, The “Sarvar and Tajesar” project, with a view of producing an attractive and lasting product in the minds of the audience and having publish capacity domestic and foreign substrates, is already available and continues the development steps.

سرور و تاج سر
Sarvar and Tajesar

Examples of posters for the character of Server Khan:

چهارشنبه سوری مبارک, سال ,نو, ترقه, آتش اودبایرامی, گونای
chaharshanbe sury, New Year, Gunay Studio
یلدا مبارک، چله مبارک، سرورخان، استودیو گونای، کیوان ملک محمدی
yalda, chilla, chelle, haappy yalda. Gunay Stusio, Keyvan Malekmohammadi
کریسمس مبارک، تبریک سال نو میلادی، سرورخان
Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Gunay Studio
سرورخان و تاج سر، سرور و تاج سر، استودیو گونای
Sarvar and Tajesar, Gunay Studio
سرورخان سرآشپز، سرورخان، استودیو گونای
Sarvarkhan the Chef, Sarvar and Tajesar, Gunay Studio 
سرورخان، غمگین، استودیو گونای
Sarvar and Tajesar, Gunay Studio, sadness, sad sarvar
سرورخان و سیزده بدر، استودیو گونای، سال نو
Sarvar and Tajesar, Gunay Studio, Noruz, Happy New Year
سرورخان ورزشکار، سرورخان، استودیو گونای، کیوان ملک محمدی
Sarvar Khan the athlete, Gunay Stusio, Keyvan Malekmohammadi



Animation about the authorities and national production support of entrepreneurship

Sarvar khan has an entrepreneurship proposal and wants to create various jobs but…

New Year greeting by Sarvar khan

3D advertising animation role played by Sarvar Khan

Chilla greeting by Sarvar khan

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