Tag: mobile game

May 5, 2018

The “Takavar” is processing the latest steps to be published. An action shooter game with +20 levels and compatible with all devices.        

January 28, 2018

Sarvar Khan who is born in Gunay Studio in 1996, have an attractive personality for all ages and styles. This character have been created by Keyvan Malek Mohammadi. During this time, a different productions of this character, including short animation teasers, stickers, advertising teasers with the role of Sarvarkhan, posters and mobile games, has been…

May 29, 2017

The ‘khah‘ is a game that is produced by Gunay studio and it is directed by Keyvan Malekmohamadi. The game is available now in some markets for free. The ‘khah‘ tells the story of two friends who escaping from terrorists. A case, that fighting with a mass of enemies is the key of freedom. During…