Uniteplay, a Social Network of mobile games

July 13, 2019

Uniteplay is a mobile games social network that is designed and developed by Gunay Studio, to integrate mobile games features and parameters and make a better user interface.
Uniteplay is going to be used in all game projects of Studio Gunay and also is getting ready to have a public usage by other studios.
The features Uniteplay provides for developers and users:
_Unique username for all games.
_Online leaderboards and create public leagues
_Leaderboards based on geographic coordinates
_Specify the default parameters that are changeable from the server
_Shared diamonds and coins between all games
_Possibility of charging the account by users and cashing it out whenever they want
_Mutual friends lists between all games and possibility of sending and receiving messages
_Separated private page for each player
_Online visible on the private page achievement system
_Proprietary advertising system for each developer
_Game events statistics collection system

Visit UnitePlay‘s website

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